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Top Tips for a Cheap Family Adventure Holiday

7 January 2022

MAKE A LIST, check it twice! 

Overpacking is definitely better than underpacking, but given airline restrictions, it’s better to make sure you aren’t bringing too much. Work out what you’ll need for each day and see what you can whittle down. Emergency replacements never come cheap! And save room for shoes! Flip flops will be handy for roaming around the hotel, and spare trainers that you don’t mind getting wet are necessary for the river (summer adventurers only!). 

BRING SNACKS and Tupperware! 

You don’t need us to tell you that kids are ruled by their bellies, but it’s worth remembering that there is nothing quite like a screech of hunger when you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Your Three Colour Mountain holiday provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, but even then there’s no guarantee your little ones aren’t going to kick off come the 11am stomach rumble. There are a number of really affordable supermarkets in town, so you can stock up on bits and bobs for big days out, and the breakfast buffet provides an array of fruit you can grab for the day.


Now the UK is no longer a part of the EU, roaming charges are starting to kick back in. Double check rule changes with your provider and be sure to take advantage of free WiFi in the hotel and restaurants.


Flying costs add up quickly! There’s the price of tickets and luggage, parking at the airport, paying to sit together on the plane, a coffee at the airport, transport once you’re in your destination country… It mounts up quick enough! If you’ve got time to spare, the drive is an easy, enjoyable one, taking around 12 hours from Calais to Szklarska Poreba. It’s motorway almost all the way, with some cool, cultural cities to stop off in en route.


Books, iPads crammed with films and an endless supply of crayons are going to save you fortunes on distractions. 


Let your little ones scan the many trinket shops in town, but try to employ an end of the week rule with a strict budget. They can pick a souvenir or two the day before you head home, only after a week of adventure and great behaviour.


We go to huge lengths to make sure you’re as safe as possible on your holiday, but given that our winter program is skiing and our summer sees your hiking, climbing and mountain biking, there’s always a touch of risk. GHIC & in-date EHIC cards give you access to free or reduced state healthcare in Europe, but they don’t include mountain rescue. Insurance offers a little more coverage and can be obtained for a very small fee if you shop in advance. It’s worth noting that while an EHIC/GHIC card will get you healthcare, insurance will get you home!


Three Colour Mountain Holidays guarantee amazing adventures, beautiful surroundings whilst staying in luxury 5* accommodation. What's not to like!?! Check out our 2022 Summer Family Activity Holidays

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