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About Active Travel Summer Camps

We are educators and outdoor enthusiasts with decades of experience both inside the classroom and out in the mountains.

WHY CHOOSE Active Travel Camps?

Our programme is unique; an international residential summer camp for 11-18 year olds that takes its guests on a 3-week tour around three French adventure destinations. Your child will spend a week in each of our three Active Travel Camps destinations: Mountain; River; and Sea; where they will face an action-packed itinerary of outdoor adventure challenges.


Active Travel Camps (ATC) was founded by two travel industry veterans who firmly believe that adventure is a vital component of personal growth. Philip Gasson and Ollie Ryall first worked together when running canoeing and climbing trips in the Ardeche, France, and soon realised that their skill set could take them further afield.

The team they’ve assembled are top-of-their-game industry experts who strive to encourage children and young adults to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. Over the three week trip, ATC instructors will nurture personal growth, help to develop leadership skills and promote a positive approach to health and wellbeing.

The Team

Activity Director
With over 30 years working in outdoor & adventure education, Ollie brings a wealth of knowledge & experience. His philosophy teaches young guests to identify risks, develop skills to safely negotiate them and to learn from these experiences. His adventures have taken him around the world, from caves in Morocco to the mountains of New Zealand - and he is always looking to share what he has learned with others.
ATC Director
Philip is in overall control of the programme, with a background in education both indoor and out, he has been involved in delivering high quality outdoor activities for the past 37 years. Philip worked as a canoeing instructor in his teens and twenties to working as a schoolteacher in his thirties. In 2004 he set up Adventure Ardeche, an activity holiday company that took thousands upon thousands of children canoeing, climbing and abseiling through one of the most beautiful regions in France.
Pastoral Support
Sarah is a passionate outdoor instructor and a child care professional, she has worked in residential settings offering pastoral support and personal development for young people.
Coaching and Safety
Lyndon has focused his professional career in paddlesports as an athlete and has qualified coaching and guiding to a high level in multiple disciplines. He competes in extreme whitewater kayak racing world wide and has also been involved in numerous expeditions around the world making Lyndon a valuable member to our team.
Daragh is 25, has been an outdoor instructor for 7 years, a native of Dublin he spent his early years, paddling, walking and climbing in Ireland perfecting his skills and gaining qualifications, he spent several seasons in the Ardeche, Daragh has competed internationaly and represented Ireland in the “King of the Alps” Kayak race.
Head of Coaching
29 years old from Wales. Expedition guide. Lead expeditions in Mongolia, China, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Oman, UAE, Norway, The Arctic and the Alps. Traveled in Canada, India, Europe and Africa. Won the Zambezi White Water Festival in 2017 racing for Team Montana (USA). Climbed the Ersfjord Traverse in 23 hours in 2019. Qualifications Mountain Leader (summer). Mountain Training Single Pitch Award (Outdoor Rock Climbing Instructor). Mountain Training Expedition Assessor Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award 4 Star White Water Kayak Leader. British Canoe Union 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader. British Canoe Union 4 Star Open Canoe Leader (5 Star Trained). British Canoe Union Level 2 Canoe and Kayak Coach. British Canoe Union Moderate Water Endorsement Whitewater Kayak. British Canoe Union Moderate Water Endorsement Canoe. British Canoe Union Level 1 Long Term Athlete Development. British Canoe Union White Water Safety Rescue. British Canoe Union Whitewater Rescue Technician-Professional. Rescue 3 International Wilderness First Responder. Wilderness Medical Associates International Advanced First Aid. Rescue Emergency Care
Chief of Kayaking
Mackon is a former-professional white water canoe racer, competing at an international level for over 20 years. He is a huge adventurer, having led expeditions throughout the globe. Mackon has extensive experience navigating the Thames and the London canals and is a whizz in a powerboat. Qualifications Include: 
Level 3 Canoe/Kayak
Aquatic First Aid
Head of Marketing
Yarra is head of all things Marketing. She's spent nine years marketing various adventure travel products and has experienced them all first-hand. She's a proud mum of 2, a travel addict, a keen surfer, regular stand-up paddler and a sea swimmer. She's extremely passionate about the outdoors industry and its positive impact on people's overall well-being and mental health. Yarra also knows a thing or two about Branding, Websites, Digital Content Strategy, SEO & PPC too!
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