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Ultimate 3 Week Summer Camp Adventure

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5 Star Accomodation
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Activities Included
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Active Travel Camps (ATC) is an international residential summer camp for 11 – 16-year-olds, taking guests on a whistlestop through some of France’s most daring and beautiful adventure destinations. ATC aims to nurture personal growth, develop leadership skills and encourage a positive approach to health and wellbeing. 

The ATC programme is a great way for young people to form lasting friendships with like-minded peers as they climb, canoe and explore some truly spectacular places.

The 2024 summer camp will take place from 30th June - 20th July.

All activities included
Full Board for 3 weeks
Highly experienced team
Trip of a lifetime!
The Alps - the ultimate summer camp adventure for kids 11-16


Your Active Travel Camps adventure begins high in the French Alps at our picturesque mountain base in Morzine. Here you will meet your fellow guests and the staff members who will be guiding you through your 3 week long voyage of discovery.
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River Kayaking on the ultimate 3 week summer camp kids adventure


Located in the beautiful Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region, the Ardèche is a haven for outdoor adventure. This lesser known area of France boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking natural scenery, as well as an incredibly rich geological and archaeological history. It's the perfect river setting for discovery, exploration, and to continue your personal growth.
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The ATC Mediterranean sea base is situated in the Languedoc region to the west of the Rhone. Known for its long sandy beaches and arid rocky hills, this sun strewn area promises even more water adventure, in the sea and in the nearby Pyrenean mountain rivers.
Explore Week 3   Explore Week 3  

Active Programmes Infused with Learning

New experiences can unlock an individual’s true potential

Under the care and supervision of our dedicated team of educators and outdoor activity professionals, your child will embark on a culturally-immersive outdoor adventure across a number of exciting European destinations.

We also support non-native English speakers with our fantastic English as a Foreign Language programme. Remember to ask for more information when booking.

New experiences can unlock an individual’s true potential. Active Travel Camps harnesses our specialist skills in education and outdoor activities to provide your child with a rich and optimised platform on which to springboard their personal development.

What's Included?


All the accommodation across the three ATC destinations will provide children with a high level of comfort. Additional leisure facilities will also be available for your child to enjoy during free time in the evenings, including swimming pools. Your child will be encouraged to be self responsible during their ATC experience, so tasks such as packing in between destinations* and preparing overnight bags for camping days will be their responsibility.

Your child will share their sleeping dorms or rooms with a maximum of four other children. Boys and girls will be kept separate and a night warden will be on duty during sleep hours to ensure that children stay in their rooms.



The adventure will be underway between 30th June - 20th July, 2024

Price: 6000 euros per person

Reservations are now open with only a 20% deposit required to secure your child’s place.

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